Saturday, February 16, 2013

Neocrust 0 - Powerviolence 1

I'm not normally a fan of "compilation" releases, especially when I have all the records where the tracks originally came from. That being said, it is pretty great to have all the songs on one convenient release, and including some unreleased jams is always a nice bonus. Case in point; The Afternoon Gentlemen - "Power Joogle Poggle Violence" 10", transparent blue vinyl, 45 RPM.

Most people should be familiar with this band already. They really broke out of obscurity in 2011 with a slew of excellent releases, including splits with Cyborg and Chiens, which is where a majority of the tracks on here come from. Great, tight, very precise grindviolence with a ton of excellent stop/start riffs and great song writting. Great recordings all around too, this band doesn't fuck around. The unreleased tracks are a great inclusion, gives this release that extra bit of "gotta have it"-ness.

Beautiful art and packaging on this too. Everything is very colorful and tidy.

I believe a couple more splits are in the works, very excited to hear what this band does next. 


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