Friday, November 3, 2017

Radical Urban Isolation

I got a distinctive, excitable rumbling in my guts; the kind that pops up when I find a band I get really excited about. One that I need to acquire as much material from as I can. In a recent trek up to Canada I was able to get a couple releases from the Toronto, ON sometimes noisecore/sometimes powerviolence hot mess Beggin' For Oyxs. This is a tape that they put out this year, "Radical Urban Isolation". Not sure how many were made.

I'll keep it short and sweet just to keep my point focused; this tape is pretty much perfect. It's exactly what I look for in my noisecore. Just pure, balls to the wall, no bullshit volume and speed. The kind of focused and articulate brutality in the same league as other greats like Sedem Minut Strachu, World, and Sissy Spacek. Side A is just non-stop fire, nothing but insane tempos across 20 sharp and short tracks. The snare is perfectly up front and annoyingly loud in the mix, the guitars create a beautifully gross wash, fuck-riffs-style, with some seriously pissed off vocals on top. This shit makes me wanna throw chairs at a wall. Side B has a lot more groove and some slower bits, more variation if you will, but no intensity is lost. This tape is 8 minutes of pure, blood pumping noise, I'm in love.

The consistent aesthetic on every Beggin' For Oxys release is another quality I appreciate a lot about the band. The graffiti lettering on the cover, the total lack of any color or information. It's wonderfully non-caring, but still manages to be just the right touch.

Listen to Beggin' For Oxys, that is all.


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