Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5 Underrated Grind Bands

   5. Parlamentarisk Sodomi: Not so much a band, seeing as it's only one person, but it's still some of the best crust-inspired-grindcore you'll ever hear. In my opinion, all one-man-grindcore-projects should be compared to PxSx, and 99.8% of the time, they will crash and burn in comparison. It's very apparent that a lot time, energy, and a keen concentration on production was involved in creating these songs. The drums programming rivals that of newer Agoraphobic Nosebleed, the vocals harken back to crust gods Extreme Noise Terror, and the riffs are unbelievable. Get wise to this project right the fuck now!

4. Maruta: I can definitely see these guys become heavy hitters in the modern grind scene very soon, but for now they seem more like cult band than anything else. While getting rave reviews in magazines like Decibel, Maruta still doesn't seem to be a very talked about band. Which is a shame since their technical, Discordance Axis-inspired grind is definitely something to pay attention too. While they like to branch out stylistically, their music is firmly rooted in grindcore. Blazingly fast, very technical, beefy, heavy grindcore. Learn up!

3. Total Fucking Destruction: Another cult grind band, even with Rich Hoak manning the drums. Formed after the demise of Brutal Truth, TFD is a grind band that sound like no other grind band, which is something that demands some credit. Bat-shit-insane, rock'n'roll, party grind. Tongue-in-cheek, yet deadly serious. Grind this shit!

2. Fuck the Facts: This band is so fucking good, it's almost frustrating. Another band that really doesn't stick to one genre, or sub-genre, but is still definitely rooted in grindcore. Unafraid to venture into territories that many grind bands are to afraid to go; such as melody and epic song lengths. You could be listening to a minute and a half blast of pure grind for one song, then a 9 minute epic of melodic, sludgy, gothenburg inspired metal. Incredible band. Listen up and play it loud!

1. Shitstorm: This band is so overlooked that it's criminal. Definitely one of my current favorites, Shitstorm play direct, to the point, no holds bars grindcore. Short songs, fast drumming, hardcore inspired, powerviolence-influenced, gruff vocals, killer riffs, unbelieveably catchy songs, and they share members with the mighty Torche! One of the best going right now. Their side of the Magrudergrind split is some of the best 9 minutes of grind I've ever heard. Play it loud!

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