Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Too Late To Survive

After years of coveting, and months of seriously searching, I finally came across a little unassuming Big Cartel site that was selling the Suffering Mind/Lycanthrophy split 7". I took a chance on it, and it really payed off. A crucial part of my Suffering Mind collection has been filled. 33 RPM, grey vinyl.

So yeah, ripper of a split, as I had hoped. Pairing two of the best European female fronted grindcore bands. The Suffering Mind side is a nonstop grind assault, not a lot of stops or breaks in their 5-song contribution, not their best stuff, but it's a great compliment to Lycanthrophy's side, which tears shit apart! I think this is actually the first record I own from them, and it's great stuff. Grindcore boardering on fastcore, with some excellent stops and a nice beefy production. Solid.

I have another SM record coming the the mail, hopefully today, that has been evading me for a while. Updates soon!


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