Saturday, April 6, 2013

Black Blood

Water Torture just never stop delivering the goods. Gotdamn. This time around, we have a RIPPER of a split 7" with Six Brew Bantha, which couldn't be more perfect. Both bands really made a name for themselves in the underground last year, seems only natural that they would pair up. This is the pre-order variant, purple vinyl, 33 RPM. Brought to us by a great up and coming label called Nice Dreams Records.

Very unusual stuff from Water Torture on their side. They're always evolving and experimenting with recordings, and instrumentation, and this time they've added a guitar player to the fold, who totally dominates the mix. The bass is nearly inaudible. Kinda weirdo-powerviolence stuff, there's a lot of riffs that you don't really hear in the genre on here. I dig it, not sure if they'll every do something like this again.

Six Brew Bantha might win with their side though. Holy fucking shit, these songs are vicious. The bands goes absolutely fucking A-wall on here. Completely brutal, but still incredibly tight. The guitar work is excellent, and they still have the best loose/tight snare sound going. This stuff is dynamite.

Those who pre-ordered got the purple variant, of which there is 100 of. There's also 100 on clear and 100 on blue, which were intended for the bands to take on tour. I kind of want them both, cause I'm nerdy like that.

Snag this, listen to both bands, treat your ears to something tasty. 



  1. This split rules as do both bands, I'll be seeing SBB next week and plan on snagging one of these. Hopefully on blue! Nice post.

  2. I'm kinda disappointed Water Torture got themselves a guitar player... especially if he takes over the mix. Maybe if he only played noise while the bassist continued to hold the melody. Obviously I haven't heard this yet, so maybe the bass will be more audible on am mp3 version :/

    On the other side.. Six Brew Bantha fckn rock! I found a demo cassette of theirs while digging in a record store and love it!

  3. The guitar player isn't permanent, at all. Matt said that they just want to try different things on different recordings since they're putting out so much stuff. Gotta keep it fresh.