Thursday, April 11, 2013

Constant War

Well, we can round off the first bit of 2013 with a huge bummer. Vaccine recently played their last show, and the band has subsequently called it quits. Really pretty bummed I never got to see them live, their shows look intense as fuck. And seeing them perform the entire "Human Hatred" EP would have been incredible. Oh well, can't see em all. I finally managed to snag their latest EP, "Dead Inside", on discogs. Got the mail order color too, red vinyl, 45 RPM.

 It seems pretty unnessicary to go into great deal describing the music on here. Anyone who knows what this band is about should have a perfectly fit description for it. Fast, vicious, distorted, and hateful. Almost identical to "Human Hatred", but with more of a brighter sound. This is a band that never strayed away from their sound, which may have ended up being their creative downfall if they kept at it, but I love it. Very fast, and very short stuff. Not only do they not overstay there welcome, they barely even come in the door and stick around, but they definitely leave an impact.

Interesting cover art. I think I honestly prefer the art that was on the Cut The Cord pressing in Europe, but at least this is a bit more unique. Very nice sturdy clued sleeve too (my favorite!) on some heavy weight vinyl. Very tidy package from Painkiller records.

Apparently they have one more post-humous release coming out, which will be a split 7" with No Faith. RIP Vaccine.


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