Sunday, July 5, 2015

Imitation Which Looks Real

I've had this record around for a few months now, and for some reason, I never decided to spin it until very recently. No real reason why it's been left on the bench for so long. Just lost in the shuffle I guess. Goddamn it was so good to finally give this piece of wax a play though. I picked this up when I saw SSS in Syracuse a little while back. I had heard they were selling test press's of their split 7" with God's America on this tour so of course I had to grip it. I'm not sure exactly how many of these were made, but the numbers have to be well below 100. Here is the excellent live split between Sete Star Sept and God's America, 33 RPM.

On paper this isn't a 7" I would immediately go and purchase, even though I do like both bands quite a lot. Live recordings have never really been a huge turn-on for me, and both sides on this record were done on the radio sometime in 2014, when they were touring together. SPHC being the awesome weirdo's that they are teamed up with Subruckus Collective (a label I've never heard of) and put both sets onto a 7". Both sides really are great though, and sound superbly raw thanks to the great mix. SSS are of course a complete masterful live band, really one to check out if you ever get the chance. As usual their set is vicious and non-stop, both members expertly synched up with one another. 17 "songs" make up their side.

God's America's side is just ridiculous. 15 songs done in about 6 minutes. It's completely unrelenting, but still very tight. Songs start and stop in the blink of in eye, only short snare or cymbal hits offering any break. I honestly didn't know G'sA had this many microsongs, but goddamn this is one of their most chaotic recordings to date.

Given the overflow of vinyl records needing to be pressed, of course the band didn't have legit copies of this record in time for the tour. Honestly it's a miracle they even got the test presses! The cover's just a simple photocopied sleeve, with the tour dates printed on the inside. I caught them on the Syracuse date.

This record is actually out now on SPHC, which can be picked up HERE


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