Sunday, July 26, 2015


"Contretemps" fucking rules. I was overjoyed when I saw that Sissy Spacek somehow still had copies for sale at their merch table. I've been after this one for a long time. This is what I like to call some perfect noisegrind. Released on Post Present Medium, 500 copies pressed on black vinyl, 45 RPM.

Out of all of Sissy Spacek's newer EP's, "Contretemps" still leads the pack as my favorite of their grindcore records. This EP managed to get a sound that none of the other records really managed to nail. John's bass tone is so rounded, crunchy, bassy and overblown here. It fills up the whole spectrum of sound. They've also just never sounded so pissed before, not like this. Corydon's voice rides a constant plateaued level of intensity. Shouting rapid fire vocals to match Charlie Mumma's stripped down, pure blast beat drumming. Listening to this on vinyl was like hearing it for the first time. The master is devastatingly loud and bass heavy, it sounds like mountains crumbling. But still under all the noise, Sissy Spacek have written some of their finest songs. Every track can stand on it's own thanks to the excellent riffs that Mr. Wiese can write. Tracks like "Gloves", "End Mill", and "On On On On" all have parts that I remember easily and fondly. Great songs, perfect sound, and incredibly tight performances.

The record comes packaged in a very flimsy glued sleeve. Seriously, I'm so scared of ripping this thing. As usual, no insert or lyrics included.

Not sure if the band still has copies or not, but you can still find this on Discogs pretty easily. Buy or forever cry.


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