Thursday, July 2, 2015

On The Pulse

Limbs Bin's latest release on his own label, Follow Me Into The Laser Eye, is my highly anticipated split cassette with Tacoma, WA's fastcore titans Sidetracked. A rather unusual pairing on paper, given both bands respectably different styles of fast, intense music. Paired up solely out of mutual respect and interest in each others projects, I have no doubt. Which is definitely as it should be. Sidetracked's recent flirtations with the more abstract realms (The Gaz-66 Intrusion split, the "Escape" EP) definitely had me interested in what they were going to do. And it is by far their most unusual recording to date. Focusing on one slithering guitar drone with tension releasing bursts of vocals and drums. Limbs Bin does his usual drum machine n'noise onslaught, to a staggeringly level of blurred insanity. Some of his more intense stuff for sure. Like the last Limbs Bin split I posted about on here, you can read my full review for this split on Operation Grindcore. This post here will largely be just to show off the excellent layout and art by Alex York. 

Once again, this is a fantastic looking tape. Mr. York's style really pairs will with Limbs Bin's releases. This is a professionally dubbed and printed C4 tape, with a fully printed-double sided J-card. I think it's limited to some unusual amount, like 64 copies. 

The art kinda looks like the shower scene in "Psycho" going through a fantastic 80's sci-fi movie poster filter. 

Copies of this tape are still available from Limbs Bin.


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