Friday, February 10, 2017

Live After Fuck Off!

Not satisfied with simply releasing a split 7" together, the two noisecore legends of new and old paired up yet again last year for a split tape of new "studio" material. Seven Minutes Of Nausea and Sedem Minut Strachu. The latter band owing 7MON almost everything, from their name, to the logo they use. All touchy, rockstar attitudes about a bands own sacred aesthetic are kicked beyond the curb here. This is noisecore, we're all dorks in this side of the musical spectrum. Fuck music, rockstar is a fuck. They say imitation is a form of flattery, but both these bands are definitely friends beyond the rackets they make and decide to release together. It's a tape of beauty. This cassette is probably limited to like 100 copies. Released on K.A.Z., a label run by Rado of 7MS.

 Seven Minutes of Nausea have really been kicking ass lately on their new recordings. I thought the split with Sete Star Sept was fantastic, and the brilliance continues on this tape. 7MON sludge through 193 tracks of pure, old school noisecore mastery. No frills, nothing cutting edge, just frantic desperate music with great lyrics and chaotic blasting. Mick Hollows vocals sound like the wonderful, classic Mick we all know and love. Introducing almost every track with the title, and gargling every word that he decides to put to paper. The guitars are basically a feed back mess. There's a big use of deep, powerviolence style grunts that I really liked a lot too. All around wonderful stuff, loved it.

Sedem Minut Strachu's side is another satisfyingly lo-fi, old school sounding chunk of noise. A band that people who read this blog know I hold near and dear. Fuck structure, fuck riffs, 7MS slay on their half in their characteristic manner. A consistently gross bass rumble permeates all 56 tracks, it sounds like the microphone is dying trying to pick up all the sounds being made. The session is very similar to the split 7" these guys did together earlier actually. 7MS seem to really want to play as many short tracks as they can when they pair up. I can see why, given the legendary influence 7MON made with their insanely choppy songs. Another great solid recording from my favorite band.

The packaging is what really seals the deal on this one. It's a classic, fold out cover with all the lyrics to 7MON's songs. Reading their lyrics is always a great touch. I don't know if many people know that they actually do write these out.

Expertly painted tape.

Noisecore lives!!!


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