Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lets Start A War

2017 was a bogusly shit year, but at least it managed to squeeze out a brand new Lace cassette! The One and Only Lace, the one true Lace, fuck what you heard about the rest. Lace is a beloved project to me, I tend to fawn over everything the duo does. This c22 tape, "Reclamation", was released on the new Persona Press label in a run of 60 copies. 

Lace have kept it pretty quite since their excellent 2015 cassette release, "Facade". Both members of the project have been keeping active with other projects (Weston has had an incredible run of Sunken Cheek releases, Valentine still crushes my soul with the V. Sinclair output). But alas, the time has come for the One and Only Lace (or Lace (20) if you're looking on Discogs), to rise up again. The time for reclamation is nigh. Over both sides of this sturdy, little, black shelled cassette, the duo twist and derange the output of those foolish enough to use the name Lace. Smashing it into an unrecognizable state, totally changed, and made their own.  

I was told that this session was a pretty cathartic one; going for more of a free and aggressive approach. It is a bit of a different sounding release, but mainly just with how the duo performs and presents themselves. There's a curious amount of swagger, that I pick up on anyway. Especially on the A-side track, "Let's Start A War". Valentine screaming wildly over rumbling low end crunching and a very anxious and steady dull rhythm hit. Towards the end the vocals go really off the deep end, y'all like some Whitehouse falsetto's? However the quality of Lace's plodding soundscapes, and the completely chilling and sorrowful atmosphere is very much here. The chemistry of this duo is just incredible, sound and style both executed perfectly. Both members are obviously totally on the same wave length. 

This is an excellent first release for the Persona Press label. Once again winning me over with a tidy, and consistent aesthetic and layout. The tape sounds great too, thankfully. 

Hail the one true Lace! Hopefully it won't take 3 years for another release, but if it does I'll accept the wait. 


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