Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Counting Seconds

Gah, no posts in a while. Completing high school is taking away all my fun-hobby-time. Anyway, here's my latest 7" purchase' the Inerds/Coworkers split released by the fine people at Feral Kid Records and Wrong Foot Recordings (Aaron from Coworkers label), 33 1/3 RPM on black vinyl. I purchased this from one of the classy ladies of Inerds at the last Big Day In show in Ithaca.

   On the A-side we have 2 songs from Coworkers. A relatively new band from Buffalo, NY with Aaron from Sonorous Gale on vocals. They play a weird style of punk that sort of mixes Fugazi post-hardcore with powerviolence. Really interesting stuff with excellent musicianship. The bass playing is especially note worthy. I dig it.
   On the B-side we have Inerds, also hailing from Buffalo, NY. Drum n' bass powerviolence/grind with 2 gnarly female vocalists. Think Magrudergrind mixed with Infest mixed with a more straightforward Man is the Bastard with way more distortion. Killer stuff. I've been digging on their "Stonewall" EP for a bit (which you can download for free on Grindcore Karaoke, along with the songs on this 7"), and this stays pretty true to the sound on that release, except there's a bit more groove. 
I really dig the label, simple but very pleasing to the eye.
Also comes with a 2-sided insert with lyric from both the bands.

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