Monday, May 2, 2011

Rich Get Richer

   I'm feeling like giving more praise to Agoraphobic Nosebleed today. So here's the newest addition to my growing ANb collection; an OG pressing of their split with Cattlepress on black vinyl (black limited to 2200). I got this from a righteous old dude at a local record fair on Record Store Day for $14.00. That's a deal if I ever heard one!
   This is real early, 90's era ANb. 17 short, groovy, powerviolence inspired songs, plus a Voivod cover. The drum machine isn't anything special, mostly blasts and some thrash beats. The snare does have this really nice metallic pop to it though. And it old-Scott Hull-production-fasion, there are some apparent changes in production quality through out. 
   One complaint i have with this pressing, is that the recording is really quite. You have to really crank the volume if you want this thing to blast. The guitars are especially quite, on both sides of this piece of wax.
   I haven't spent a lot of time with the Cattlepress side, but what I have heard is crushing! Heavy, sludgy, REALLY pissed off hardcore. Very awesome stuff.
   A quick word of advise to you aspiring vinyl collectors out there; really inspect your used records. Don't be blinded by the excitement of how rare the record is, actually take some time to look at it. The record might be warped, or there could be tears, dents, bends, all that bad stuff. I had no idea that one of the corners was seriously bent until after I left the record fair. It's no a big deal, but still a bummer to not have this in pristine condition.
  One thing that's cool about buying from serious collectors is that they keep EVERYTHING! This thing came with all the original inserts and booklets. Which I super happy about, it's a very good looking booklet. Digging the manga artwork. 

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