Sunday, May 22, 2011


My band Hiroshima Vacation got to open for Fuck the Facts and Total Fucking Destruction in Binghamton, NY last Saturday. It ruled, both those bands are stupidly good. TFD will entertain the fuck out of you live. I also snagged this little beauty, the last one they had actually. The new TFD album, "Hater". Released this year on Bones Brigade Records, limited to 300 on transparent blue marble. Bought it from Rich Hoak for 10 bucks. He now owns a Hiroshima Vacation shirt. Boss.
   I haven't actually listened to this yet, so I can't say what the pressing sounds like. But anyone who knows TFD should know what they're getting into with this record. Batshit insane, tongue-in-cheek-yet-deadly-serious, hard-rocking grindcore. 27 songs in 27 minutes. Perfect.
   I absolutely LOVE the color of this vinyl. Definitely the best looking blue piece of wax I own. True beauty.
   3 "Attack of the Supervirus" songs on this one, plus "Human is the Bastard", one of my favorite TFD jams.
   Very colorful 2-sided insert with lyrics included.
   If you see this, pick it up. I know that Hells Headbangers and To Live a Lie have copies. Get wise to the grind!
"Peace is the Victory"

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