Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Sheep In Wolves Clothing

I made my first purchase from Halo of Flies records last week, and I couldn't be more pleased with how it came out. The records arrived amazingly fast, and in great condition. I highly suggest ordering from them. In addition to another 7" which I'll get to later, I picked up the brand-spanking new Suffering Mind/Protestant split 6" (released by HoF, TLAL, and others). Transparent orange vinyl, 33 RPM.
Two tracks from each band on this one. This is the first SM record I have that has their new singer Radek on vocals. He definitely does a good job, and I think he's a good replacement for Ula(I'm still not sure why she's not in the band anymore). Their songs are pretty standard SM songs; pure, fast, blistering grind. I'm not quite sure if I'm into Protestant yet. They play distorted, messy grind/hardcore, and really I don't think they're anything special. I love the 6" format though, this will be the 4th 6" I own. I just wish they came with dust sleeves.
Fucking glare...
Very good looking vinyl.
People in the USA can order this from Halo of Flies, and TLAL(whenever their webstore opens back up again). I'm not sure if it's reached Europe yet. 


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