Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Defeatist Collection

I recently completed my Defeatist collection(excluding the "Sharp Blades Sinks Deep..." compilation CD. I got all the 7", no point in buying it.) They were an awesome kinda-techgrind band from NYC, and they sadly broke up last year. I got to to play a show with these guys a few years ago, Psychic Limb were also on the bill. An unrelenting live band, non-stop aggression. Here are all their records, and again, I don't go out to collect all the color variants.

From left to right:
  • "Sixth Extinction" CD (hasn't gotten a vinyl release)
  • "Tyranny of Decay" 12" (limited to 250 copies)
  • "Thanatonic State" 7"
  • "In Praise of False Hope" 7"
  • 3-way 12" split w/ ASRA and Triac
  • split 7" w/ Kursk


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