Sunday, March 18, 2012

+HIRS+ Collection

I love these guys, every time I order from them they just absolutely spoil me. My most recent order I made, I expected to only get their split 7" with Maradona and a couple split tapes. But they sent me the repress of "Worship", and all the cassettes they have released! What great guys. Here's my collection as it stands now, I only need the split with Shit Weather and the "Gaytheism" compilation cassette and I'll be all caught up. They also have a shirt that I want. I may break my rule of not collecting all the color variants with this band, since I have the 2nd press of "Worship" as well as the first, and I feel good having both. Listen to this band or be eternally lame!
From left to right:
  • split flexi postcard w/ Towers
  • "Worship" 1-sided 7" (first press /120)
  • "Dimebag" 5 1/2" square lathe record (/20)
  • "Worship" 1-sided 7" (2nd press, #3/69)
  • "Vaygaytion/Gaycation" 4" lathe record (/20)
  • "Involuntary Split" w/The Immaculates ("Worship" test pressing #5/5)
  • Split 7" w/ Maradona
  • "Nunmilk" Cassette (/100)
  • Split cassette w/ Hulk Smash
  • Split cassette w/ Drums Like Machine Guns
  • Split cassette w/ Tooth Decay
  • Split cassette w/ Nimbus Terrifix 


  1. not crazy about these guys but they are touring here this week so i will go see them. their split with Shit Weather is out soon i think too (maybe it is now?) and i will buy that cause shit weather are great.

  2. Definitely check them out, I hope to see them one day. That Shit Weather split should be awesome. I'd love to see you do a post about it:)