Monday, August 11, 2014

Hoard Of Violence

Rectal Hygienics was the group I was looking forward to seeing the most at this years Summer Scum fest. Another masterfully disgusting act out of Chicago, my most romanticized city in the world. Rectal, for those who are still unaware, is a stripped down, grimy, lo-fi, perverted, violent, noisy "rock" band. Like if super early Melvins got a little too into Brainbombs or something. Blah blah blah, I ended up missing their set. Eternally bummed, especially since they apparently played "Heroin Whore", my favorite song off their debut full length. An excellent album all together, and their last single, which I finally picked up that weekend, follows up with some of their best tracks yet! "Cold Meat b/w Hoard Of Violence", released by the always superb Diseased Audio records. Limited to 300 I believe, 45 RPM.

Both sides of this single are phenomenal rompers. The recording is just a touch more lo-fi this time. but I honestly don't know who that would bother. "Cold Meat" is a more up-tempo diatribe of humiliation, with something that actually resembles a chorus (both songs actually have chorus's, neat). Catchy, to the point, punishing. A superb track followed by an even better one, "Hoard of Violence". This is the track I play more often, honestly. It's got a great groove throughout with this crunchy, sleazy bass line holding everything up. Some of my favorite lyrics since "Heroin Whore" as well, with an unusual, spoken, somewhat crooning vocal delivery. Love it.

We got a very simplistic package on this. One of those single-panel cover sleeves, all on black vinyl with black labels. It's appropriately stripped down. All lyrics and credits are included too.

This thing is long sold out, and I don't believe there are plans for a repress. Scour the internet, kids.


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