Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Resistant Culture-"All One Struggle" Clear LP (1,000 Copies)

I picked up this beast on Record Store Day 2011 at Phono Select in Sacramento for a whopping $12. They play a nice mixture of Crust/Grind with heavy tribal intertwined throughout, Chanting, tribal drums, flute, rattle, with a thick inhumanly gruff vocal delivery. A Sick as Fuck avante guarde monster of a n LP!

This gatefold is super glossy, I don't even like to touch it because I leave my slimey fingerprints all over it, so most of the time I admire it through the LP sleeve I purchased.

This gatefold opens up to reveal the Mayan Ruins with a large swirling light projecting toward the skies surrounded by a Nuclear Power plant, a concrete bridge in ruins, and mother nature looks pissed. 2012 anyone?Inside is this 24"x 36" HUGE poster.

And I finally have my first clear LP and she's a beauty. Surprised I actually found one of the 1,000 thousand of these in existance through Seventh Generation Records especially at my local record store. And all thanks to my favorite holiday of the year Record store Day.

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