Saturday, April 9, 2011


   Here is something that you don't see around very often; Kill the Client - "Cleptocracy". I got this from the always reliable Hells Headbangers for a really good price. The record itself was released on Rescued from Life records. 18 tracks of pure, filthy, ugly ass, brutal grindcore (the last track is a cover of Infest - "Terminal Nation") from one of the best newer grind bands around. This thing is vicious. One look at the fantastic album art should tell you what you're in for; to the point, unrelenting brutality.
   There's really not a whole lot of bad things I can say about this LP. It blasts, it thrashes, it grooves (sometimes). It's a beast. The production on this thing is raw and distorted as fuck, hard to hear everything sometimes, but it's one intense listen. Any fan of grindcore should get this. 
   Comes with a two sided insert with lyrics included. 
   I believe this is limited to 600 on black, and I haven't seen it anywhere else except Hells Headbangers, so if you happen upon it, pick it up cause who knows when you'll ever see it again. 

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