Sunday, August 25, 2013


Another classic for y'all here. I'm an avid collector of ANb, and have amassed almost their entire discography, except for the split 7" with Halo (so many times). I'd definitely consider them to be my favorite grindcore band, their discography is a masterwork. I definitely think that their early 7"s were some of the bands best material, and out of all of those, the second self-titled EP is by far my favorite. Here's the limited blue vinyl pressing, 33 RPM.

This record was just Scott and Jay according to the notes. It's definitely some of the heaviest early ANb material, Scotts tone is so beefy and thick, and the drums have a nice full tone to them. Every song on here is a winner, even the several micro songs that take over the A-side. It's just full on burning metal sludgy grind, and in my opinion, has one of the top 5 best ANb songs closing the A-side, "Amputee". This track is just one of the best slow, simple, chugging, monolith of heaviness. I love how they would just write these total crushing slow jams and throw them in the middle of their records. Something I consider influential.

I love all the artwork on this. Dig those awesome center labels!! As mentioned, this is the limited blue pressing that Clean Plate did to compliment the regular black press. The blue was limited to 200. I bought this copy last month, I've owned a black copy for a while.

Here is my black and blue copies together.


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