Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Want Nothing

Suffering Mind have been having an amazing year, continuing their ever increasing productivity with a slew of incredible releases. Their recent 9" split with Massgrave has been one of my favorite thus far, and I've really been enjoying this little unofficial series of split 5"s (and 1 flexi). Here's one of the most recent releases, the split 5" with Dead Church, blue vinyl, 33 RPM.

As usual, only one song per side from each band. So even for a 5", these records are brutally short, but each track is generally a winner. This split if no exception. Dead Church pull of the deathy/hardcore/grindcore style fantastically, going from shredding blasts to powerviolence grooves very naturally. Suffering Mind's side is a solid ripper, as this band can really do no wrong. Great riffing from Kuchar, constantly punchy.

Awesome digipack packaging with a full color gatefold. Every record was pressed on blue vinyl.


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