Thursday, January 2, 2014

Intractable Tarantula

The next handful of posts are going to focus all on Archagathus. Let's consider January to be "Mince Month" here on Built To Blast. My collection has had a major increase in the recent weeks. In fact I ordered about 6 crucial additions earlier in the week, which should be getting here soon. This one I got from Third Eye Grind, the Archagathus/Compost split 7", black vinyl, 45 RPM.

We got three tracks recorded sometime in 2011, so they're all been visited before. Quality jams none the less, "Intrateable Tarantula" and "Sexy Grinder" are particularly nasty. Very raw recordings, with a dirty, clanging guitar tone. Compost are an Italian goregrind project, this is my first exposure to them. Pretty fun, simple goregrind tunes. Lots of groove, early Regurgitate and Rot worship for sure. I enjoyed their side too.

Very nice and sturdy glued sleeve with some thick vinyl and an insert, an excellent package! Been waiting for an Archx record to come in a glued sleeve actually.


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