Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Here's a split that seems to have been made just to please people like me. Two of my favorite current grind bands teaming up and sharing one record. Happy happy joy joy! Here's the Suffering Mind/Archagathus split 1-sided 7", black vinyl, 33 RPM.

Now for as excited as I was for this record, honestly as a whole it came of only as average to me. Two tracks from both bands, Suffering Mind first. The first track is an under 30 second ripper, solid blasting track from beginning to end. The 2nd one has the delicious grindage in the beginning, but rides this not very awesome mid-tempo chord progression throughout most of it. Archagathus come next with "Inexperienced Cannibal", a short little number, closing out with a cover of Rot's "Russian Roulette". Nothing bad by any means, but nothing mindblowing at the same time. Oh well I guess. Tons more great stuff is coming up from both of these bands to get bummed by it at all.

Fun fact, this was going to be a 5". That would have been pretty cool. Metal/grind mega label Power It Up Records took care of this and pressed it as a single sided 7". I believe there is a limited color variant, but I couldn't afford to get it.


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