Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The tail end of 2013 gave us a couple more Suffering Mind splits, both of which are with some of my favorite Canadian bands (the other one is on it's way to me). Here is the Suffering Mind/Six Brew Bantha split 7", brought to us by Halo Of Flies records. It seemed the stars were aligned in favor of this split, as it left the pressing plant, and got shipped to me from the label within a span of what seemed like 3 weeks. Crazy!!!

You can tell from the ├╝ber metal cover art that this thing is going to be metallic and deadly. Five excellent songs from Suffering Mind, some of the best stuff they've done all year. "Kolejny Medialny Obrazek" in particular has an insane headbanger of a groove riff at the end. Great stuff as always. SBB are as tight and refined as ever, bringing 4 longer songs with more riffs and whiplash inducing stop/start riffs then you could imagine cramming into any minute+ song. The closing track, "Excesscrement" also has my favorite ending scream of 2013. One of Canada's most impressive bands by far, and the info I got about one of their upcoming records has me going crazy with excitement. 

Halo Of Flies pressed 700 copies of these, 100 being on red and 100 on white. I was a nerd that day and snagged both colors. 

I'll be posting about that other split within the week, hopefully!


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