Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Prison Cycle

Well, I'm certainly glad I decided to randomly check Vaccine's blog site that one day, and come face to face with the announcement that this swan song split was finally pressed and ready to order. Vaccine, as I have made more and more apparent, is a band that I hold very very near and dear to my heart. And this recording is sadly the final nail in the band's collective coffin. Very sad to see this band go, but I'm hoping that all the members move on to more incredible projects. Like the band who shares the other side of this record with them, No Faith, which has at least a couple members of Vaccine if I remember correctly. Here it is, the Vaccine/No Faith split, clear vinyl, 45 RPM.

Five final songs from Vaccine, still keeping the same sound that I fell in love with in tact, this time with a little tighter blasts and less minor key riffs. But the biggest surprise of all; they finally made a song over 1-minute long (orchestra sting). "Blood Money" is by far the most unique song the band has made, with it's militaristic snare beats and almost mid-tempo "verses", it's a bit jarring to hear them slow down and play an almost classic hardcore sounding song. I kind dig how that's the only little bit of progression we'll see from Vaccine. They've held on to total integrity and constant aggression through out all their records, and while these five songs are certainly not their best, they are far from being disappointing. Very happy with this. 

Now on the flip side we have a complete 180 with No Faith. One song, and it is a slow, crawling, noisy sludge tromp. I honestly only briefly skimmed over their full length LP a little while ago, so I'm really not that used to this bands material enough to say if this is good or not. While it certainly isa heavy track and shows off some pretty noisy production, it feels like it goes no where. Or rather, I feel like it would have been beneficial to include another track. Right when "Revolt" ends I want another track to just come blaring out of my speakers. But alas, tis not the case. 

Nice matte, glued sleeve, with a sturdy double sided insert. Vinyl Rites did a good job with the presentation. I was really hoping I didn't order too late, as it was advertised that the clear vinyl got sent out on a first-come-first-serve kind of way. I lucked out, there might be more. The clear vinyl is limited to 220 copies. 


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