Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hand That Feeds

Since I've gotten used to buying stuff from Discogs more, I've been getting a lot of records by The Locust. A band that I had never really given much listening time to, prior. Here is one of the more interesting records I bought; The Locust/Jenny Piccolo - split 5" picture disc, 33 RPM.

Really early stuff from The Locust here. Back when they just sounded like a fast hardcore band with a keyboard player. 2 songs from them, nothing that memorable. It's way better than the Jenny Piccolo side though, which is just straight, uninteresting powerviolence. Since it is a picture disc, there is a lost of surface noise, which is a pain. Cool artwork though.

Not my favorite split, but I'm glad I have it. You can find a this on Discogs for crazy cheap.


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