Thursday, April 26, 2012


Yes!! I finally got one of my most anticipated reissues of this year! A record that I've been wanting a physical copy of for a couple years now. Here is the To Live a Lie reissue of Magrudergrind's - "Crusher" 10" EP, red vinyl, 45 RPM.

Ignoring all the bullshit and controvery surrounding this records initial Scion release, I honestly think this is one of Magrudergrinds best and strongest releases. The songs are there, the riffs are catchy, the production is great, the mix is punishing, the guest spots are tasteful, etc. I particularly love the rap verse in the 2nd half of "Heaviest Bombing". If you can't get over the whole Scion thing and dismiss this record because of that, you're an idiot. This release has only gotten better and better the more I listen to it.

TLAL did a great job with this reissue. Wisely using the same cover art that graced "Crusher's" first reissue on Bone Brigade. Sturdy cover sleeve, and wonderful red vinyl (limited to 200 copies). It also comes with a poster and a glossy double sided lyric sheet. 

There's a lot of detail to take in on this cover. Excellent cut n' paste artwork.

"Graffiti is  my only escape from the misery and pain this ugly world has built up/I wanna spray it down, piece by piece till it's filled up."

Big poster :)

You should know where to get this. Act soon!!


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