Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I made my most expensive record purchase last week on discogs. Nothing crazy, but not cheap. But goddamnit, it was worth it because now I have this beauty in my possession. Pig Destroyer - "Terrifyer" 2x12", 180g. black vinyl, 33 RPM.
This is the one Pig Destroyer full-length (minus "Explosions in Ward 6") that I never got around to getting. "Prowler in The Yard" and "Phantom Limb" are two of my favorite grindcore albums, and I had no doubt that when I finally listened to this album in full, I wouldn't be dissapointed. And I wasn't! Incredibly solid, groovy, heavy, punishing, blasting, catchy grindcore. The kind that PxDx does best. I've only spun this once so far, but you can bet that this will be getting played again and again. So glad to have it on vinyl too. 

Excellent artwork by that dude who's name I forget. He does art for a lot of metalcore bands like Darkest Hour and As I Lay Dying. I love the red background too.

Lovely gatefold
The first record contains the "Terrifyer" album, and the 2nd has the 30+ minute doom epic "Natasha", which is a very interesting song to say the least. Especially coming form a band like Pig Destroyer. It's heavy and brooding, and the lyrics definitely paint a dark picture, something J.R Hayes is impeccable at. My only issue with the song is the clean guitar middle part. It sounds fine, but the semi-falseto vocals are just laughable.

If you want this, you better go to discogs, because this baby is long OOP. 


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