Thursday, April 5, 2012


I added three new additions to the Extortion collection recently, which I'm very happy about. Most of them were re-issues, but that's fine with me. Here is the Extortion - "Control" 7", re-issuse on Deep Six Records, black vinyl, 45 RPM.
As I stated in my previous post, all the records I received this week I haven't actually spun because I'm away from my turntable. I have, however, listened to this EP and it's damn good. Short, powerful songs that rip and roar with powerfully violent velocity. Rohans vocals are devastating as well.
Excellent artwork as well, as always. Definitely not my favorite piece from Rohan, but I am in love with the colour scheme. The red and white just pop out so vibrantly. Definitely a solid cover design. 
Very good looking center labels too. The deep red is a nice touch.
I haven't seen this re-issue pop up in a lot of distros, but I bought mine from Rotten To The Core records. Go for it, I'm sure Deep Six still has some as well.


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