Thursday, January 26, 2012

Double Whammy

Here is one of my prized possesions, and so far the 7" that I've dished out the most money for. In my opinion this is an essential hardcore record, buy or die. Spazz/Lack of Interest - "Double Whammy" split 7", black vinyl, 33 RPM.

I was a fan of Spazz long before I picked this up, but this is the record that got me to fall in love with Lack of Interest. I love everything about the band, and their side of this split is pretty much perfect. Lovely, classic, crudely recorded powerviolence/hardcore blasters with some of my favorite vocals in the entire genre. If you do manage to pick this up, get it at least for the LoI side. I honestly can't remember much about the Spazz side except for their cover of "Hey Bob, What's Up?"(originally by Pillsbury Hardcore). I'll definitely need to get more familiar with their side in the near future.

*note: my records aren't really as dusty as they look. The camera flash does some fucked up things.

This record is usually not cheap, I've seen it go anywhere from $13.00 to $35.00 on discogs. I wouldn't suggest paying that much, but it was worth every penny that I spent on it. Classic and essential.


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