Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Killer Combo

So, my 2nd Discogs purchase ever came in a few days ago, and I couldn't be happier with how it all went, and now I finally own this sexy piece of vinyl which I've wanted for sooooooo fucking long. "A Killer Combo", the excellent Magrudergrind/Godstomper split 7". First press, black vinyl, 33 & 45 RPM, with a fuck ton of inserts.
I mean it when I said that I've wanted this split for quite some time. Pretty much ever since I got into Magrudergrind(the band who's song this blog is named after). Everything about this 7" is great; the bands, the recordings, the pressing, the artwork, it's all good.
The A side is Godstomper, a band that I like and I should have more of their records, but I digress. Probably the best recording from this band that I've ever heard. Good songs too, but there side is way to short. 3 songs in less than 2 minutes, bummer. The Magrudergrind side is awesome, as always. Typical early MG sounding songs, grindviolence-powermosh-fastcore goodness. The song "Spicy Delight" is a real treat, silly lyrics that make me hungry.
The first press had an orange varient, but I can't find one of those without having to dish out a lot of money. I got this for 6.50, which is a fucking steal when it comes to this record. I'm happy!!
To Live a Lie #1 baby!!!!!
Last thing I'll talk about is this insert, which I had no idea came with this record. It's a small poster, and it is amazing. I want this on a shirt, I really really really want this on a shirt. Someone please tell me that is a real thing. So much love for this record!!!


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