Wednesday, January 18, 2012


+HIRS+ is a band that everyone that's into grind or the drum-machine grind subgenre should pay attention too, because they truly do rule, and their productivity and quality is absolutely astounding. This is their first physical release called "Worship", 1-sided 7" on black vinyl, 45 RPM.

I bought this from the band, who so far has self released everything they've done, and with a shit ton more on the way. I'm currently waiting for a couple more very limited releases to be available, and when I have those I'll definitely do a post about them. The 7" is packaged in a black envelope with a black ink design, which thankfully shows up well when using flash.

They got the whole satanic schtick, but I think it's more of an imagery thing as opposed to a legit belief. The songs are littered with great religious based samples that serves as great segways between songs. Phenomenal grindcore too; kinda technical and spazzy with a bit of industrial coldness. I think there's 10 songs in all. 

Here's the picture that I thought was gonna be the cover art, but it just serves as an double-sided insert with lyrics on the flip-side. And as an added bonus, each record comes with a page ripped out of the satanic bible. Fabulous.

You can pick this up on their website here, and you can download all there recordings for FREE on their bandcamp page here. Hail Satan.


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