Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Here is a real gem in the fastcore genre; a wee little 5" record, brought to us by the retardedly good Hummingbird of Death. This is a first pressing on black vinyl, and if I remember correctly it's a 33 RPM record.

20 songs are contained on here, but HOD have actually steered clear of just making tedious noisey blasters and instead opted to *gasp* give a crap about writing songs!! Yes, each of the 19 songs on the A side sound individual and different from the rest, these are carefully constructed and thought out micro-songs, I believe the longest song on the A-side is 9 seconds. The B-side is taken up by the almost 2 minute "From God's Anus To Your Mouth", and then it's done. 20 songs in under 3 minutes. This record takes a gimmicky concept and actually makes it work. 

Not much to show in terms of packaging, just a simple folded sleeve made out of printer paper with a one-sided insert. I love little hummingbird guy on the center labels.

Like most of HOD's early records, this is pretty rare. I know that a few people are selling em on Discogs, but for pretty high prices. Ehh, just find a link online and download it. Personally I only need one more thing to complete my HOD discography collection, I'll post a picture once I have that.


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