Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I think every modern hardcore fan should have at least 1 Extortion record in their collection. My collection is modest at best, if only because people sell their OOP records for hefty sums of cash. Yeah, Extortion are one of those bands that have a large following of people who try to buy everything they've ever put out, thus Extortion have a lot of different varients and editions of their releases. Deep Six recently reissued a bunch of their records, which I should be getting in the near future. This record here has to be my favorite of their stuff that I've heard; "Sick" 12", black vinyl, 45 RPM, not sure which pressing this is.

Fantastic record! A good balance of old-school influence from great bands like Infest and Lack of Interest with some some new-school twists and turns. They manage to throw in enough interesting riffs and concepts into their music to save them from being a complete rehash band. Love it.

As always, brilliant art from lead singer Rohan. His artwork is one of my favorite things about Extortion,  it's very Raymond Pettibon-ish. Like how you can instantly recognize one of his pieces on a Black Flag record, Rohans art is that kinda reconizable. This cover art here is one of my favorites of his, but falling into 2nd place behind the Extortion/Agents of Abhorrence split.

Double-sided insert

Boring old black vinyl. Deep Six reissued this recently, so it's pretty easy to find now. If you want to see some REAL Extortion praise, head on over to one of my favorite blogs everrr SKULLFUCKED. There's a link on the right hand side of my page, check him out, his blog is way better than mine :)



  1. I love his cover drawings too. Good analogy to RP of Black Flag, I hadn't thought of that. I'm looking for the color vinyl first edition of Extortion/Agents of Abhorrence split 7". That'll add two great bands to my collection.

  2. I got a 1st pressing of that split on blue. I'll probably be posting about that soon

  3. Damn you! I'm sooo jealous of your vinyl. I'll start posting some of my favorite vinyl soon. Once I get a nicer camera.