Sunday, January 15, 2012


Here's another recent and vital addition to the growing Magrudergrind collection; their very first 7" "Owned!!". I don't exactly know which pressing this is, I believe it's the first considering it's a bit of a mispress. Transparent green vinyl, 45 RPM.
Extremely strong material right here, one of the best examples of their early early stuff. Killer hardviolence riffs, great songs, and more of a "hardcore" vocal delivery from Avi. More shouted and not as much Hellnation-y style vocals. Pretty good recording too.
Now again, I do believe this is a first pressing because of the mistake in the pressing. This little letter here says that there is a song missing on the B-side that is listed on the sleeve. It says that you can download the song from a website, and maybe for fun one day I'll go and see if that site still works. It doesn't really bother me that much though, I can find the song on the internet pretty easily. There are a few other color variants of this record too.
Double-sided insert with lyrics.

Low and behold, the missing song :P


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