Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Are You Okay?

Yet another xBrainiax post, I've just been devouring all their releases lately, such an awesome band. This is their split 7" with No Comply, released on several labels( including To Live a Lie and 625 Thrashcore), black vinyl, 33 RPM.

Out of all the xBrainiax splits I have, this has to be my favorite. Don't ask me why though, cause there's not a whole lot of things that make this any more unique from the rest of em. There are a lot more "slow-riff-for-a-few-second" bits though, the last songs has a great groove, and they do a ripping cover of Lack of Interest's "My Life" at the end. Killer artwork for there side too, seek this one out.

The No Comply side is significantly not as good, but still good a the same time. I want to fall completely in love with this band, but there's just something keeping me from doing so. I dig the loud, explosive, lo-fi recording on there side, and the bass tone is nice and grating, but I guess when you put it next to xBrainiax it just sounds less exciting. I don't know, cool band none the less.

Star Wars mixed with MITB, phenomenal. 



  1. Hell yeah I'd agree that this is the best xBrainiax material. Snagged this bitch for like 50 cents from Grave Mistake. No Comply's best song is on this too.
    WHO WE ARE! dun dun dun NO COMPLY!

  2. 50 cents!!! Lucky sumbitch, haha