Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Breed To Breed

Here's another record that caused a lot of outrage due to it's Scion release. I got some personal beef with this record, but not because of the music or who released it(I'll get to that later). Here's the Wormrot - "Noise EP" 10", black 180g vinyl, 45 RPM.
Apparently all Scion vinyl releases are promos, thus they are given out for free. Of course, this is something that I just absolutely love and I instantly asked them to send me one at the time of it's release. Only 1000 were pressed and I've seen people sell them for crazy high prices. Pretty much just standard Wormrot songs on here, nothing fancy or anything that would remotely make me call them "sell-outs" like quite a few have. 
Great artwork from singer Arif Rot.
Now, here's my beef with this record. This is a very short EP, barely passing the 5 minute mark. There is absolutely no reason this warrants being on a 10". 2 songs on the A side, that totals about 2 minutes of music. Fuck all, this should have been 1-sided. This could have even been a single sided 7", and it would have made sense. I crave Wormrot on a 7", this format was pointless. 180g vinyl though, pretty nice for a promo.
Long "sold out" from Scion. I've seen it pop up every now and again, but you can find a download link for it easily using the ol' internets. 


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  1. They really didn't think this one through. Ridiculous pressing with more dead wax then grooves.