Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Hummingbird Of Death Collection

Hummingbird of Death are one of my favorite fastcore bands, and I'm proud to say that I own almost all of their releases. Not counting compilations, I'm only missing their floppy disc single, which I've been putting off getting for obvious reasons. Now, I'm not someone who tries to get every color variant/cover variant of a record to try and make an artist collection bigger, I'm just interested in getting the music. I do care about getting the rarest variant, but I can make do with not having it. All of these records are 1st presses, as far as I know.

From left to right:

  • split 12" w/ I Accuse (black vinyl)
  • split 10" w/ Chainsaw To The Face (black vinyl)
  • "Show Us The Meaning Of Haste" 12" (light blue marble vinyl)
  • "Goatmeal" 5" (black vinyl)
  • split 6" w/ Sidetracked (black vinyl)
  • split 7" w/ Dead Stare (black vinyl)
  • "Demo" cassette
  • split cassette w/ Pile Of Infested Maggot Viscera 
  • "Diagnosis: Delicious" 7" (black vinyl)
  • split 12" w/ Titanarum (transparent red vinyl)


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