Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Recent Haul

Lemme just try this, it seems like a quick and easy way to update on recent purchases. I'll definitely still be doing one-on-one posts about specific records, this will just be for showing off the whole purchase. All of these were purchased from To Live a Lie records, here are the records shown:
  • Archagathus/Axed Up Conformist - split
  • Dahmer/Denak - split
  • Dahmer - "9 Song 7""(3rd press)
Really happy with these pick-ups. Dahmer is a band that I'm just now getting into and I'm really liking that I hear. They're what I wish Agathocles sounded like. The Archagathus split I picked up mainly because it's an old TLAL release, and I'll buy anything from that label. I like Archagathus pretty good too, I think the 7" format is better suited for them too. 


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