Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sum Of Men...

This right here is another recently acquired prized possession, and a crucial addition to my SKULL collection. I got this baby directly from Eric Wood, who had uncovered a bunch of mint(and in this case still sealed!) and way OOP MITB and Bastard Noise records and CD's. I only bought this record, but believe me that if I could afford to buy everything, I would. Here is the first MITB full-length LP "Sum Of Men...The Brutality Continues", OG press, black vinyl, 33 RPM.
So yeah, I think MITB is one of the best bands ever. Totally monolithic, raw, experimental, forward thinking hardcore music. This record, and I guess most MITB records, just have this legendary aura around their music. Like, their whole being and existence is so legendary and somewhat mysterious that it doesn't seem real at times. Like I'm listening to music from other worldly beings. You know, if these entities recorded on crappy 4-track tape records. 
On this record, I definitely prefer side 2. Just better songs on that side in my opinion. MITB were definitely still in their developing stages at this point, and there wasn't as much extra vocals/instrumentation like on their later releases. 
Lots of pictures in this post. There's just so much cool imagery on the inserts and cover sleeve. 
Not sure if Eric still has copies of this available, but he definitely has a bunch of other necessary releases available. Worship.


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