Sunday, February 19, 2012

59 Seconds To Kill Them And You

I picked up one of the most recent The Afternoon Gentlemen splits when I ordered the Gadget LP. By far one of the best examples of current grindcore. Every record I have by these guys shreds, and pretty much kills every band they share a split with. Here's The Afternoon Gentlemen/Chiens - split, white vinyl, 45 RPM.

6 rippers from the Gents this time around. Totally solid and fierce grindcore, as usual from them. Tight musicianship, phenomenal songwriting, and more stop-starts riffs than you can shake a stick at. I am in love with the vocals in this band too, they can pull of practically everything; the highest of high pitch screams, growls, pig squeals, power violence barks, you name it. The Chiens side is awesome as well, and definitely a good companion to TAG. I'd say they're definitely more fastcore, which is all fine by me. More stop-start riffs, great drumming, it's a solid 4 tracks effort. They have a 1-sided 12" that I'll probably be picking up sometime.
Great artwork and packaging, filled with all sorts of goodies like a sticker, small poster, and a download card. 
I hate glare so much...

I just ordered a new TAG split which I've been looking forward too for quite a while. An update on that later! Enjoy some grindcore done right!


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  1. If you wanna check Chiens' one sided 12'LP, they gave themselves a download link for that :
    This is stuff so devastating it will tear your pants off !!!