Thursday, February 2, 2012


Another piece from my modest Extortion collection, and my 2nd favorite thing I own by them. The Extortion/Agents of Abhorrence split 7", first press, transparent blue vinyl, 45 RPM.

Great split that I just revisited while taking pictures for this post. I had forgotten how incredibly awesome Agents of Abhorrence are. Like, they're really super great! I want everything by this band, they play grind just how I like it(Discordance-Lung-Iron-Axis grind). The Extortion side is awesome too, the songs are generally way faster than usual. The drums are all over the place. This was also reissued by Deep Six recently, pick it up!!

My absolute favorite Extortion artwork so far. I love the coloring and just the stark bleakness of this image. Incredible detail too, just an all around masterpiece.

Listen to Agents of Abhorrence!


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  1. Shinfo: Extortion tracks here are left overs from the 'Sick' sessions. Easily Rohans best artwork, I've been trying to convince him to make a poster print out of it for a while now.