Friday, February 24, 2012

Silver Year

I'm very tuckered out, so here's a quick post. A bit of a different type of record for this blog. Not hardcore, nor is it grindcore. This is Shoppers - "Silver Year", which is a release that I've become very attracted to recently. 12" on black vinyl, 33 RPM.
Shoppers is a band Syracuse, NY who play a really blown-out style of noise rock. Everything just sounds huge and covered in distortion, and the vocals really remind me of Bikini Kill. There's also some melodic riffs and I get some strong garage rock influence and maybe a little pop-punk. Kinda hard to describe, all I know is that I dig it. A lot.

My band is gonna be playing a show with these guys real soon, I'm pretty stoked. I'm gonna probably post some footage from that show here. 


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